What's An Almanac?

It's a publication which helps you predict the future!

There are not many firsts in fly fishing - but we believe this is one of them. Essentially it is an online resource to accompany you throughout your river fly fishing year. Helping you ‘crack the code’ on those difficult days. We’ve called it an Almanac as it takes its inspiration from a few different sources, think of it as a cross over between: Old Moore’s Almanac - An annual publication that prophecies what will happen throughout the year - only this one is fly fishing related. The Fly Fishers Entomology - A seminal publication from 1836 by Alfred Ronalds, the first to detail river fly life from the angler's point of view.

What's Included?

For each month of the fly fishing year, you have access to:

  • Hatch Charts

    Everyone loves a hatch chart - That's why each month we've included a localised hatch chart for your region which outlines the flies, their imitations and sizes to use.

  • Watercraft

    For each month we have included the conditions you are likely to encounter, hints and tips on watercraft, along with suggestions for techniques to use for more success on the water.

  • Articles

    Everytime we approach the water we're always learning - we share those lessons with you monthly in the form of articles, tip and tricks. Helping you get the most from each of your fishing trips.

States Covered

The Driftless, Midwest and New England covers fly fishing in the following states:

  • Driftless - Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin

  • Midwest - Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota

  • New England - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Almanac Reviews

“As a guide here in the Driftless Area I get calls asking for advice. This almanac is a great resource for anglers that want to DYI their trips to our area.”

Trout Buddy - Driftless Guide

“The segment on dropper fishing is spot on and an excellent tutorial on how to expand an anglers fishing horizons and catch more fish! By breaking down the almanac into months or quarters it has simplified things. Trying to wade through an entire years worth of hatches, flies etc. it’s very easy to understand.”

Mike Warren

Online Almanac Contents

Content for this online Almanac is released monthly throughout the 2022 fly fishing season. Signup as an early adopter now for only $19.99 ($39.99 from 2023) and add a little intelligence to your fly selection.

    1. Article - Fishing Soft Hackle Flies

    2. April - Fishing Notes

    3. April - Hatch Chart

    4. April - Fly Imitations

    5. April - Full PDF Download

    1. Article - The Dry Fly Manifesto

    2. May - Fishing Notes

    3. May - Hatch Chart

    4. May - Fly Imitations

    5. May - Full PDF Download

    1. Article - North Country Nordics

    2. Our Favourite Nordic Singles

    3. June - Hatch Chart

    4. June - Fly Imitations

    5. June - Full PDF Download

    1. Article - Summer = Small Flies

    2. July - Fishing Notes

    3. July - Hatch Chart

    4. July - Fly Imitations

    5. July - Full PDF Download

About this Almanac

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